Dewey Harold Wollstein Award

CHAPTER 9-1. AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS of The Masonic Code of The Grand Lodge of Georgia sets forth the rules dictating the Awarding of the most prestigious and highest award that can be conferred to a Member of the Masonic Fraternity - 'The Dewey Harold Wollstein Award'.

This section of the code reads as follows:

9.101. The Dewey Harold Wollstein Award.

  1. There is hereby established an award to be known as "The Dewey Harold Wollstein Award" honoring this Past Grand Master for whom it is named.
  2. The award may only be presented to a member in good standing of a Georgia Lodge or a Lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, F. & A. M., for at least ten (10) years. The award shall not be presented to anyone posthumously, but may be presented to the Lodge of the deceased Brother in recognition of his service.
  3. The recipient must be active in religious, Masonic, community and civic affairs. He must have contributed to Masonic growth by his writings, or through the sharing of his wisdom and knowledge of Masonry, or nationwide. He must be of high moral character, his conduct beyond reproach and recognized by his fellowman as an humble servant of God and his fellowman.
  4. The award may be presented at not less than five (5) year intervals beginning in 1974. The presentation to be made during Grand Lodge; however, upon request of the recipient, with the consent of the Grand Master, there may be a second presentation in his Lodge provided a suitable program is prepared.
  5. The recipient must be selected by a minimum of five (5) members of a seven (7) member committee appointed by the Grand Master; two Past Grand Masters, two (2) Grand Lodge Line Officers, and three (3) members of the Educational and Historical Commission. The committee to be appointed at least six (6) months prior to the convening of Grand Lodge in the year the presentation is to be made. If no recipient is selected, the committee must be dismissed, and the next Grand Master may appoint a new selection committee.
  6. The Grand Master, all Grand Lodge Line Officers, during their term of office, members of the active selection committee, and anyone expressing a desire to be selected shall be ineligible to receive the award.
  7. No change by addition or deletion shall ever be made in the name of this award or the qualifications of the recipient; however, it may be discontinued. A brief biography of M. W. Brother Dewey Harold Wollstein shall be given each time it is presented.
  8. It shall be the responsibility of the Educational and Historical Commission to select and prepare a suitable plaque. The plaque must have inscribed the Masonic emblem and name, "The Dewey Harold Wollstein Award", also inscribed thereon, a suitable selection from Brother Wollstein's writings and other inscriptions that the Commission deems proper.


Oakland City Lodge No. 373 - Atlanta, Georgia
Presented October 22, 1974 by: Henry T. Hooper, Grand Master

Doric Lodge No. 548 - Decatur, Georgia
Presented October 23, 1979

Hinesville Lodge No. 271 - Hinesville, Georgia
Presented October 22, 1985 by: Walter W. Thompson, Sr., Grand Master

St. John The Baptist Lodge No. 184 - Valdosta, Georgia
Presented October 23, 1990 by: William W. Daniel, Grand Master

Amity Lodge No. 731- Athens, Georgia
Presented October 24, 1995 by: Joseph P. Suttles, Grand Master

Fairburn Lodge No. 180 - Fairburn, Georgia
Presented October 24, 2000 by: Joseph P. Suttles, Grand Master

Atlanta-Peachtree Lodge No. 59 - Atlanta, Georgia
Presented October 25, 2005 by: Albert F. Garner, Jr., Grand Master

Oothcaloga No. 154, Morning Star No. 349, and Resaca No. 724.
Presented October 16, 2012 by: M. W. Bro. Jerry Moss, Grand Master