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Website Application

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These criteria and rules are set forth by the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Free and Accepted Masons and committed to the General Welfare Committee of this Grand Lodge for execution.

A Subordinate Lodge, District, and or Masonic Group or Association, working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, F. & A. M., should obtain agreement from the General Welfare Committee before a Lodge website and homepage are placed on the Internet. Upon registration with and recognition by the Committee the website will be linked to the Grand Lodge of Georgia by the Grand Lodge of Georgia Website Committee.

  1. A recognized Georgia Masonic Lodge sponsoring or endorsing a Web page on the Internet is conducting a Lodge activity and comes under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Georgia. This rule applies to all Lodge websites whether they have registered with the Grand Lodge or not. If a Lodge fails to register its website within a reasonable length of time, the Grand Lodge will direct the Lodge to terminate the website.
  2. All Georgia Lodge websites referring to other Georgia Lodges should inform those bodies of the reference or link. If any Lodge objects, the reference should immediately be removed. It is essential that all of the Lodges in Georgia cooperate with each other and with the Grand Lodge General Welfare Committee in maintaining a good Masonic image. Information published on Lodge websites must be accurate, current, and consistent with the highest standards.
  3. Any such Masonic Lodge being linked, must be a Lodge chartered, recognized by and in good standing with the Grand Lodge of Georgia, F. & A. M.
  4. A website linked to the Grand Lodge of Georgia’s website must be the official website of the Lodge. It must be approved by vote of the Lodge and attested to by the Lodge’s Secretary. A website endorsed by a Lodge will be considered the official Lodge website, and will be subject to these criteria and rules.
  5. Only one (1) official website per Lodge will be recognized by the Grand Lodge and linked to by the Grand Lodge of Georgia’s website.
  6. The Lodge web page must not link to or be linked to by any website where a conflict with the principles of Freemasonry, could be assumed, suggested, or perceived. The authority for these principles is the Masonic Manual published by the Grand Lodge of Georgia.
  7. The Lodge web page must be presented and maintained in good taste and must conform to the Constitution, Laws and Edicts of the Grand Lodge of Georgia and its principles, beliefs and moral code.
  8. Web pages should enhance the image of the fraternity and never detract from it. Page design is up to the individual lodge, as long as it is in good taste.
  9. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. of Grand Lodge Officers, Committee members, or District Officers will not be published in Lodge websites unless they have previously been published on the GLofGA web site.
  10. Information displayed on the Lodge web page must be accurate and current. All names, addresses, locations, activities and dates, must be checked regularly to ensure recent changes have been posted. In no case is a Lodge website to refer to past activities as though they were yet to occur.
  11. Web pages should present the same clear and accepted information when viewed by users of all web browser systems.
  12. The Lodge should use discretion and good judgement when linking to any non-Masonic entity. The Lodge should also monitor the links to its website by other non-Masonic entities and should attempt to break links by inappropriate sites.
  13. Web pages should not show Lodge members’ Internet URL addresses that refer to business websites. The Lodge web page should never be used for the financial gain or interest of a member. This is consistent with Chapter 77-128 of the Masonic Code.
  14. The Worshipful Master should discourage the use of a “Free Website” where that provider has the option to insert their commercial advertisements, at will and without approval, into the Lodge’s web pages.
  15. Changes made to the Lodge’s web page are under the jurisdiction of the Lodge’s Worshipful Master. These changes must conform to standards as set forth herein. The webmaster of a Lodge’s website is responsible to the Worshipful Master for all changes to the website.
  16. The Seal of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Georgia can not be used for any purpose without written permission from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, F. & A. M.
  17. These Criteria and Rules are subject to change by the General Welfare Committee.