The Children's Garden

The Children's GardenGrand Master Edgar M. Land has announced his plans for the 2013-2014 fund-raising project for the Masonic Home of Georgia. This project will consist of building the World’s Largest Masonic Square and Compasses engraved brick-paved area, to be known as ‘The Children’s Garden’. Donations will be honored with an engraved paver that will both fund the construction of the Garden and will generate needed funding for the Masonic Home of Georgia. A donation will be a 501(c)3 charitable contribution and is tax deductible. This will be a multi-year project.

The Garden will be constructed on the grounds of the Masonic Home. It will be placed inside the grassy circular drive in front of the Home. It will be a flat structure consisting of a one-paver thick surface rather than a vertical structure. This area could conceivably contain over 83,000 4”x8” pavers laid flat. At a minimum of $50 a paver donation, this project could hold enough pavers to generate a minimum of $4 million in revenue for the Children’s Home.

Who can donate to this project? Any person, worldwide, will be able to give a donation and have a paver placed in the Garden, as well as certain businesses and organizations.

In Georgia, and elsewhere, many Brothers and Sisters will cherish being honored by having a paver placed in the Garden for positions they have held or honors received. Such as Past Master, Past Worthy Matron, Raised May 1, 2013, Mason of the Year 2013 or other such honors.

Also, many Masonic organizations would cherish having a paver in the Garden stating the title of their organization and would strive to raise the funds necessary to donate to the largest level of paver possible. Such pavers might read Woodstock Lodge #246, Kennesaw Chapter OES, or other such organizations.

Organizations may also decide to honor a member that has passed with a paver stating ‘In memory of’ or ‘in loving memory of’.

The Grand Master’s goal for this year is to generate donations of $250,000 with 5000 individual donations of various monetary sizes.

He is appealing to all Georgia Masons and dependent and affiliated Masonic organizations for their support in this effort. The Grand Master has set a goal for each Worshipful Master and his Lodge to generate at least $1000 in donations during his year as Worshipful Master. With 424 Lodges, that could generate over $424,000 alone.

The Grand Master is asking the Lodges to contribute a donation for a ‘Lodge Paver’ to be placed in the Square and Compasses or letter ‘G’ as a part of meeting their goal.

Each Lodge that generates $500 in donations to the project will receive 100 points towards the Grand Master’s Lodge of the Year Program. Lodges are also encouraged to challenge other Lodges to see who can generate the most donations.

Please donate and make this project a huge success! Click Here for Donation Form


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