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How to Become a Mason?

question58Want to know more on how to become a Freemason? The simple answer is to find a lodge near you and ask a Mason to petition. For a more detailed understanding of the process, click here  …

Find a Lodge Near You

pin71You can find a Masonic Lodge near your area with our Lodge Locator Tool. Non-Masons can use it to find a Lodge to petition, and Masons can use it to find a lodge to visit when in a new area. 


Contact Us

phonePhone: (478) 742-1475
E-mail address: gsec@glofga.org

You can find the following books on Amazon.com. Each book has a link out beside it that takes you to its Amazon page.

The following books are published by the Grand Lodge of Georgia F.&A.M. They are available from the Grand Lodge office.

Order by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone (478) 742-1475.

Items We Sell

Item Price
Masonic Code $10.00
Masonic Code on Disk $10.00
Lodge Membership Disk $10.00
List of Lodges (Georgia) $5.00
List of Lodges (National) $10.00
Masonic Manual Vol I $10.00
Masonic Manual Vol II $10.00
Greetings To A Mason's Lady Booklet $0.50 each
Officer's Planning Pack $5.00
Books Of The Book $5.00
Leaves $5.00
From You To Me $5.00
Mentor's Manual $2.00
Proceedings $20.00
Lodge System (Set of 4) $4.00 (or $1.00 for each book)
Masonic Etiquette $2.00
Investigation $2.00
W.M. Program Notebook $4.50
Secretaries Guide $4.00
Memorial Book $1.50
Mailing Labels $0.04 each label
Printout $0.02 each name
Widow's Pin $5.00
25-Year Pin 5.00 $5.00
25-Year Certificate $1.00
25-Year Aprons $25.00
Petitions (All) $0.20
Dimits $0.20
Master Mason's Diploma $1.00
Past Master's Certificate $1.00
Resolutions of Respect $1.00
Dues Cards $0.20
Notices (50 sheets per pad) $1.50
Minute Book pages $0.10 each
Messenger Subscription (per year U.S.) $10.00
Messenger Subscription (Canada and foreign countries) $13.00
Living Stones Video (Other videos may be rented: charge on postage) $10.00
New Charter $10.00
Duplicate Charter $10.00
Charity Book Fund $5.00
Report Book $12.50
Voucher on Treas. Book (Blue) $8.00
Treasurer's Receipt Book (Yellow) $6.00
50-Year Replacement Pin $10.00
50-Year Replacement Apron $20.00
50-Year Replacement Certificate $1.00
Non-Masons Pamphlets - Free (charge for postage if large qty)  
BRONZE Milennium Coins - Years available: 1998, 2000, 2001 $3.00 each (No tax)


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The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for the State of Georgia at its Annual Communication on October 27, 2015, adopted a provision amending the Masonic Code of Georgia regulating the conduct of its members.